Garage door opener components

Garage Door Opener Components

The average garage door opens and closes 1500 times each year and most tend to go out around the 10,000th cycle, your door didn’t open, now what? If this has happened to you, here is a helpful guide to learn about each part and piece that may need replacement. When replacing a garage door opener, all pieces most likely will not need to be replaced, but a few will. Below are some of the important parts that may need changed before other parts.

Garage door opener components

  1. Motor and Gears. This is what gets the door moving; both opening and closing.
  2. T-rail/Driver Guide. This guides and protects the chain, screw, or belt as the door moves.
  3. Height Adjustment. This controls the distance the door moves. This can be adjusted to varying levels of force that cause the door to stop, such as pushing upwards on it.
  4. Inverter and Battery. The inverter transfers AC power from the home to DC power necessary to operate the opener. The battery is for times when the power may be out.

Types of Drives:

drive types

Chain – Typically the most cost effective option. Looks just like chains found on a bike.

Belt – The belt has “teeth” on one side that rotate through a gear on the operator that pulls the trolley. Usually the most expensive option.

Screw – This is a continuous thread that connects to the door. Frequently wears out trolley quicker than the chain or belt. Price is average compared to the others.

Below is a visual of other important garage door and opener parts!

Garage door components

If you must replace your garage door opener, it’s better to be knowledgeable. If you’re unsure about a part or have any questions, Overhead Door Company of Dodge City can help! Call us at  (620) 227-8093 or contact us about our services.