Christmas garage door

Christmas Ideas

Christmas is coming and Overhead Door Co of Dodge City has some great ideas for presents for your family and friends.  An Overhead Door or Electric Operator is a good idea for that special loved one on your list.  The newer operators have a lot of great options that not only make your life easier but have some great security features as well.  Call us today to arrange installation – Christmas will be here before you know it so don’t delay!

Prevent break-ins through garage door

Prevent Break-Ins With These Tips

Prevent break-ins through garage door

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of this warm fall weather we’re experiencing and prepared your garage and home for winter, if you haven’t here are a few ways to avoid any issues!

Another way to take advantage of this beautiful weather is to strengthen your garage door against break-ins. As we approach the holidays, home break-ins are ever-present. Especially since burglars have the possibility of finding big ticket items like holiday gifts in your home. Burglars tend to aim for the easiest route in and out, therefore an unlocked window or front or back door are often the first targets of entry. Locking these and having a reliable security system are of the utmost importance. What many homeowners don’t realize, is that a garage door is also a large target, especially if it’s easily manipulated. Read more