Curb Enthusiasm: How to Make the Front of Your Home More Appealing


People work tirelessly to create a first impression with the front of their homes. They pick out the color, type of bricks, style of windows, even the molding. However, the garage door can often come off as an afterthought. Luckily for you, this is an easy fix.

Adding visual intrigue to your garage will help your home to better sync up with the rest of your home and at the same time make it more visually interesting. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City has listed a few tips to bump up your home’s style to help you attract a few more eyes and dollars when you decide it’s time to move.


A Home Improvement Project That’s Actually Worth the Effort

According to, adding a new garage door is the number one return on investment when compared to other home improvement projects. This should come as a huge relief. No longer do you have to toil away hiring a contractor to make updates to your bathroom or kitchen in order to positively affect your home’s value. Adding windows, a new set of hinges, some interesting light fixtures, or a tasteful finish will instantly make your garage door look more distinguished. And there’s no easier way to figure out which features you want than by using the DoorView® Garage Door Designer App. It’s simple, just upload a picture of the front of your home and start playing around with every sort of garage door option imaginable.

OHD Doorview in Action

Add a Little Color

A new coat of paint makes everything look better. Instead of doubling down on another shade of eggshell or brown, opt for something with a bit more pizazz. Coral, mint green, or light blue may seem a bit intimidating at first, but them a chance and one of those colors is sure to brighten your, and possibly a potential buyer’s, day.

If you’re looking to get even more adventurous, you might even consider our Envy™ Model 956. This modern garage door style combines an aluminum base with glass paneling to instantly up the sleekness of your home.  


Before You Do Anything, Clean

We’re not just talking about taking a broom and sweeping away the cobwebs and dust around the edges of your garage door – we’re talking about giving it a true deep cleaning.

Consider renting a power washer. It’s amazing what a simple high-powered stream of water can do. When used correctly, it removes dirt and grime that can build up over the seasons leaving certain parts of your home (i.e. your garage door) looking dull. Blasting it with the power washer will not only leave it sparkling clean, but it also makes it easier to paint and upgrade.


If you’re looking for any additional tips on how to add curb appeal to your home, or if you’re looking to upgrade your garage door call the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today.

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