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4 Tips to Keeping Your Garage Door Sensors Aligned

Is your garage door broken? If it is, STOP! Before you panic, make sure your sensors aren’t out of alignment. This could be a relatively easy fix using an experienced garage door technician. Believe it or not, it is pretty easy for garage door sensors to lose their positioning. Obviously, these sensors are designed as […]

Buying and Installing Your New Garage Door

Getting a new garage door and having it installed can be a very intimidating process. We at The Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™ understand this and want to make hiring a garage door installer as easy as possible.   Installing a new garage door is no easy task. There are many moving parts behind getting […]

Overhead Door Buying Guide

Buying the right garage door is more important than you might think. Most realtors agree that having an overhead door with curb appeal for your property is a legitimate deciding factor when it comes time to sell your real estate. At the Overhead Door Company™, we understand this more than anyone else. That’s why we’ve […]

What are the Trendiest Garage Door Colors of 2022?

Choosing what color to paint your garage door can be more complicated than selecting the door itself.  However, another factor in choosing a color that people don’t think about is what is in style. Good garage door colors capture attention, tying the aesthetic of your house together. At the same time, lousy garage door colors […]

Garage Door Facts

Many people take it for granted, even though life would be difficult without it. They use it every day, yet they only think twice about it—when they open it and close it. Can you guess what we are talking about? Probably, since you’re on our website. But, if you somehow still aren’t sure, it’s the […]

Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling your home in the winter can be a tricky proposition. Normally, a buyer makes a decision on whether to pull the trigger on home within a few minutes of wandering around the property. That means making a first impression is key — something snow and ice can complicate greatly. Below, the Overhead Door Company […]

Fall Garage Prep

Feel the air cooling off lately?  Now’s a great time to mark a few things of the “To Do List”. At Overhead Door Company of Dodge CityTM, we want you to be prepared for winter. Ready your home and garage for the change of seasons with proper fall garage prep.

Garage Space and Your Door

A lot people plan for relaxing summers, however, you may have a list of home projects in mind! If you’ve been neglecting the piles of stuff filling up your garage, today is a great day to get organized. Read on for tips to discovering garage space you never knew you had!