End of Summer Specials

We’re dialing up the savings this month at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City. For the entire month of September get a free garage door opener or opener accessories (up to a $450 value) with the purchase of select Overhead Door garage doors. From modern styles and space-age finishes to classic colors and designs, we have everything you need to give your home the style bump you are looking for. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the season’s hottest looks along with the perfect opener/accessory to go along with each of them.

Traditional Steel Garage Door

Going for the classic look? The Traditional Steel Garage Door combines the company’s legendary performance and durability at an affordable price. These minimalist doors, with their raised panels and weather-resistant build, make for a solid door that looks good on any home.

Even better, when you purchase this model in either Mission Oak or Walnut you get a free 3-button remote Model O3T-BX and Digital Wireless Keypad Model OKP-BX.

Thermacore Collection

We’ve talked about the benefits of using Overhead Door’s signature insulation technology over and over again. Its patented combination of steel and insulation helps regulate the temperature of your garage which, in turn, helps you to save on your heating and cooling costs.

Now, you can add one to your home at an exceptionally great price. Order a Thermacore® Collection 190 Series garage door in wood grain or Modern Metallic finish and receive a FREE Legacy 920 garage door opener Model 7120H.

Courtyard Collection

Looking to add a touch of the country to your home. Then there is no better choice than the Courtyard Collection from Overhead Door.

Elegant and rustic, these carriage-house-style doors have the beauty of wood and the durability of steel – meaning they can weather a storm and an accidental bump from your crossover. And, if you purchase one by the end of the month, you will get a FREE Destiny 1200 garage door opener Model 8130H.

If you are interested in any of these doors or deals, or want to find out about the other great specials we have going on this September, contact the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today.

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3 Things to Note When Deciding If You Need a Commercial Garage Door

At the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City, we’re focused on bringing our customers the highest-quality garage doors regardless of what type of project they are looking to create. While this blog usually focuses on residential projects, the Overhead Door Company of Omaha also has a fantastic selection of commercial garage doors to fit businesses of every shape and size, and, today, we would like to take the time to discuss the differences between the two types.


The Size

The main difference that you notice between commercial and residential garage doors is the size. The average residential garage door is between seven and eight feet tall and eight to sixteen wide depending on whether it is a one or two-car garage. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, can be double, or even triple, in size. For instance, our Model 600 Rolling Door is scalable up to 16×16 feet while our Stromtite Insulated Rolling Door is expandable up to 30 feet both ways. 


The Materials

As much as your garage door goes through at home, it does not take nearly as much punishment as a commercial garage door. Therefore, the materials on a commercial door are even more rigid and dent-resistant. Our commercial garage doors are made of everything from aluminum to galvanized steel. Some models even include our Thermacore® technology. 

In addition to the door itself, the rollers, tracks, and spring are all made of the strongest materials we carry. The reason being is the usage rate is much higher than that of a residential door. In fact, the difference is astronomical. While a standard residential garage door is opened a few times per day, large warehouses can see their doors rise and fall as many as 50 times per day.



As you might imagine, there is a difference between the cost of residential and commercial garage doors due to the higher-grade materials and the custom sizing for the larger doorways. Business owners should also factor in the cost of service. As with everything else on your custom, commercial garage door, taking care of it is going to cost a smidge more.

If you have any additional questions on how these garage doors differ, or you are a business owner looking to purchase a commercial door of your own, call the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City.

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4 Tips to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

It seems like it was just last month that we talked about garage door safety. Oh, that’s right, we did. For this month, the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City has decided to double down and talk about it again. This time though, we want to show you how your garage door can keep you safe, instead of how you can stay safe around it. Keep reading for four tips on how burglar-proof your garage door.


Eye in the Sky

Adding a security or video surveillance system is one of the easiest ways to deter any would-be burglars from making your house their top target. The benefits are obvious: constant surveillance of all the happenings outside your home, incriminating footage in case someone does make an attempt, and a siren that tells the culprit that they better hightail it out of there before the police show up.


Fake It So They Won’t Take It

For some people, paying a monthly or yearly service fee might be out of the question. If that is the case for you, fear not. You can always buy a fake system, camera, or even a sign that denotes your home is protected. All of these items can be purchased through major online retailers and at some hardware/home goods retailers.


OHD Anywhere

Like turning off lights or grabbing our lunch from the fridge, closing the garage door is something we all forget to do from time to time when we are on our way out the house.  Now, thanks to the  OHD Anywhere® app, you don’t have to worry about driving home to correct your mistake. 

The app is simple. All you need to do is attach the OHD Anywhere® sensor to your garage door and download the corresponding OHD Anywhere® app. Once everything is in place, you have full control over your garage door from anywhere. Not only that, but the opener gives you a full history of all your comings and goings.


Stay Frosty

Windows look amazing when they are artfully placed on a garage door. Burglars enjoy them because they let them see what they could steal.

An Alternative? Frosted glass. Sand-blasting gives these windows their translucent appearance, which makes it impossible for intruders to make out what you have stored in your garage. 



For more home and garage door security tips, or to upgrade current setup, contact the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today.

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4 Easy-to-Follow Garage Door Safety Tips

hand opens pvc garage door manually

Almost everyone has fallen victim to the trap of thinking they’re a handyman (or woman). You believe something is just a quick fix and you either a) end up breaking said item b) hurting yourself or c) all of the above. At the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City, we’re all too aware that this happens with garage doors way more than it should. So for Garage Door Safety Month, we’ve listed a few points that will make you reconsider the next time you’re thinking of going all Home Improvement on your garage door.


Number Don’t Lie

According to NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) – a database maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on all consumer product-related injuries – approximately 10,000 Americans are injured per year in garage door-related accidents. Almost three-quarters of those accidents are due to people putting their limbs in the wrong places at the worst times: fingers between panels, next to the springs, or underneath the rollers. Ouch! On top of that, a large chunk of these come during unsupervised repair attempts.


Don’t Be A Stuntman

In addition to the reckless DIYers mentioned above, there are people who attempt to get creative in the ways they mess with their garage doors. They hang on them like they would playground equipment or try slide underneath them in order to act out some sort of Indiana Jones-style fantasy. Unsurprisingly, this does not end well. An additional 800 injuries occur due to stunts. Just a gentle reminder: YOUR GARAGE DOOR IS NOT A TOY!


Safety Extends To You And Your Home

Garage Door Safety Month is about more than preventing you and your family from doing questionable stunts, it’s also about keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest technology to keep your home safe. With OHD Anywhere® app, it’s now easier than ever to control your garage door. Once the OHD Anywhere® sensor is attached to your garage door, you check to see if it is open or closed. Additionally, the OHD Anywhere® app gives you a full history of when your door has been opened and with which opener – useful information to know if you found your garage door open at times when it should not be.


Leave It To The Pros

It doesn’t take a trained eye to see if something is off with your garage door, but it takes a trained pair of hands to fix it. Whether it’s a hitch, a kink, or a hiccup, simply using your eyes and taking a few notes is all you should do before you call a professional.

In fact, the only test we recommend you run is the 2×4 test. Designed to test the reversing mechanism, it’s as easy as placing a board in your garage door’s path and hitting your opener. If it does not reverse before reaching the board, then it’s once again time to call the professionals at the Overhead Door Company.

For all the do’s and don’ts regarding garage door safety or to set up an inspection, call the experts at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today.


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4 Ways To Prepare Your Garage Door For Summer

At the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City, we want to make sure that you are prepared for every season. Summer is no different. Below, we’ve listed four tips to keep your garage cooler and more hospitable for you, your family, and maybe even a few guests. Read on to find out more!


Colors Count

We’ve talked about how painting your garage door can draw the eye, but color can also serve a practical purpose. Lighter-colored paints help to reflect more of the sun’s rays, giving your garage a fighting chance of staying cool. You can either strip your current garage door and add a fresh coat of paint swap it out for something made of a lighter wood like a door from our Carriage House Collection.


The Last Airbender

Like every other room in your home during the summer, your garage is bound to get hot and stuffy. Unlike every other room in your home, you don’t want to pay to pump in air conditioning since you will not be spending that much time out there. However, if you don’t want to be greeted by a wave of heat every time you head out to your vehicle, you should consider installing a fan.

A simple ceiling fan keeps the air from becoming hot and stagnant. Even better, consider a ventilation fan. These cost-effective units can suck the hot air right out of your garage door and send it back where it belongs – the outdoors.

To go along with that, you might want to think about partnering your new fan with a dehumidifier. No moisture means the heat has nothing to cling to. 


Turn It Into a Guest Room

Did you know that your garage is money-maker? The secret room in your house that can make money magically appear. How you might ask? By sprucing up your garage with the necessary trimmings, you can create an additional guest bedroom and a steady stream of supplemental income to go along with it. Just add a bed, nightstand, maybe a window (which will also help with the airflow), and a rug. Topping it off with a Wind Load door to make your garage feel less like a place where you store your car and more like a cozy bed and breakfast. It won’t be the Four Seasons, but it will make your home into a solid, budget-friendly option for travelers.


Insulation Isn’t Just for the Winter

Insulation normally comes to mind when you’re thinking about the winter but it can be a godsend during the summer months as well. Not only is something like our Thermacore technology perfect for preventing your car from becoming an ice cube during the winter months, but a properly sealed garage door can also keep the sun’s heat from creeping inside and upping your cooling costs.

If you’re looking for more ways to prep your garage for summer, or if you want to upgrade to one of the garage doors mentioned above, call the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today!


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4 Ways to Update Your Garage Door This Spring

Everyone knows that springtime is home improvement time. It’s also the perfect time to make a few upgrades to your garage door. The Overhead Door Company of Dodge City has put together a list of things you might want to consider adding, upgrading, or, at the very least, checking out on your garage door while the weather is perfect.


Weatherproof Now

No one wants to think about winter when the weather is just starting to get nice. However, this is the perfect time to prep your home for the next time the mercury dips down. Consider adding a weather seal to the bottom of your garage door. This heavy-duty strip of rubber does just as good a job at keeping out the snow and cold in January as it does the showers in April.

If you’re looking to go bigger, it may be time to upgrade to a Thermacore® door from the Overhead Door Company. This series of doors features our sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel as well as between-section seals with thermal breaks to reduce air infiltration. That means when you close your garage door, you’re truly sealing out all the elements.


Pay Attention to More Than Just the Door

Torsion springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks are vital to your garage door working properly, yet they rarely get the attention they deserve. While making sure your door is sealed for when the seasons change, check on these lesser-known parts as well. There are plenty of small things you can do to improve the health of your garage door: lubricating the tracks, realigning the sensor, or even something as simple as replacing the batteries in your remote openers. 

One thing you shouldn’t do? Make major adjustments to the torsion springs, hinges, rollers, or tracks yourself. Even if it seems like an easy fix, messing with any of these components too much can be dangerous. If you feel any of these elements are in need of a serious adjustment, be sure to call a trained professional.


Install a Keypad

Even if you already have an opener in every car – and one in the kitchen drawer for safety – a wireless keypad outside your home can still be a wise investment. That’s because regardless of how hard you try, openers will still be lost. Since this isn’t the 1960s you probably don’t carry a set of house keys on your person at all times either. In those instances, it’s good to have a Plan C so that you don’t find yourself locked out of your own home. 

It’s also a great addition if you have kids. Now you don’t have to worry about them forgetting the opener when they leave the house – they can simply punch in the code whenever they return.


Enough with the Noise

Most folks believe garage doors are noisy. At the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City, we want to change that perception. In fact, we offer a range of openers (the thing that actually pulls the garage door, not the remote we talked about above) – including the Legacy® 920 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener that can open your garage door almost silently. That means no more late-night or early-morning wakeups listening to metal-on-metal grinding.


Looking for more ways to improve your garage door this spring? Call us at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City and we will help turn your garage door dreams into reality.

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Curb Enthusiasm: How to Make the Front of Your Home More Appealing


People work tirelessly to create a first impression with the front of their homes. They pick out the color, type of bricks, style of windows, even the molding. However, the garage door can often come off as an afterthought. Luckily for you, this is an easy fix.

Adding visual intrigue to your garage will help your home to better sync up with the rest of your home and at the same time make it more visually interesting. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City has listed a few tips to bump up your home’s style to help you attract a few more eyes and dollars when you decide it’s time to move.


A Home Improvement Project That’s Actually Worth the Effort

According to Remodeling.net, adding a new garage door is the number one return on investment when compared to other home improvement projects. This should come as a huge relief. No longer do you have to toil away hiring a contractor to make updates to your bathroom or kitchen in order to positively affect your home’s value. Adding windows, a new set of hinges, some interesting light fixtures, or a tasteful finish will instantly make your garage door look more distinguished. And there’s no easier way to figure out which features you want than by using the DoorView® Garage Door Designer App. It’s simple, just upload a picture of the front of your home and start playing around with every sort of garage door option imaginable.

OHD Doorview in Action

Add a Little Color

A new coat of paint makes everything look better. Instead of doubling down on another shade of eggshell or brown, opt for something with a bit more pizazz. Coral, mint green, or light blue may seem a bit intimidating at first, but them a chance and one of those colors is sure to brighten your, and possibly a potential buyer’s, day.

If you’re looking to get even more adventurous, you might even consider our Envy™ Model 956. This modern garage door style combines an aluminum base with glass paneling to instantly up the sleekness of your home.  


Before You Do Anything, Clean

We’re not just talking about taking a broom and sweeping away the cobwebs and dust around the edges of your garage door – we’re talking about giving it a true deep cleaning.

Consider renting a power washer. It’s amazing what a simple high-powered stream of water can do. When used correctly, it removes dirt and grime that can build up over the seasons leaving certain parts of your home (i.e. your garage door) looking dull. Blasting it with the power washer will not only leave it sparkling clean, but it also makes it easier to paint and upgrade.


If you’re looking for any additional tips on how to add curb appeal to your home, or if you’re looking to upgrade your garage door call the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today.

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My Garage Door is Frozen Shut. Now What?

It’s February folks, and you know what that means? That’s right, we’re in the midst of winter and your garage door is still taking a beating (oh, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner too).

Last month, we here at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City went over some ways to help you maintain your garage door during the winter. However, for those especially frosty February days, it helps to know a few additional tricks to keep it from freezing shut.


Sometimes, You Just Gotta Shovel

It’s not the most glamorous answer, but it’s usually the thing that works best. Taking special care to clear away any icy build-up around the base of your garage door is arguably the best thing you can do for it during the winter. At the very least, try to brush away the frost from time to time to keep it clear and prevent it from cracking.

Feel the Heat

Unfortunately, most folks don’t have in-floor heat or an infrared heater installed. Instead, we have to look for more cost-effective ways to keep the chill from creeping in. Keeping a pair of small, sturdy space heaters handy will not only make the morning trudge to your car a bit easier, they’ll also help to keep the weather seal (that’s the fancy name for that thin piece of rubber on the bottom of your garage door) from cracking and the battery in your opener from draining – just make sure to be mindful of the cords and unplug them when you’re not using them.

Look in the Pantry

Heavy-duty ice melt is essential during the winter. However, we know there will be instances where you forgot to stock up and every place in town will be sold out. In those instances, look to your kitchen table for the solution. Both table and Kosher salt are serviceable replacements for the heavy-duty stuff. Just sprinkle a little seasoning near the weather seal, let it marinate and watch as your garage door returns to its former glory.

Just Add Water

If your garage door does freeze, the solution may seem a little counterintuitive – adding water. Pouring a small amount of warm (not boiling!) water on the weather seal could be the answer to unsticking it and preventing you from having to take more drastic steps.


If you’d like any additional tips or think you might need to replace the weather seal on your garage door, call the trained professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City today!

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Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A man cleans snow in winter weather with a shovel near the garage

Lubricate Everything

If it moves, it needs lubricant during this time of year. All of your garage door’s moving parts, including the rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges, should be well lubricated during the winter in order to combat the corrosive effects of the slushy weather. The good news? It’s not that difficult, just get a can of WD-40, or some other type of comparable lubricant, and apply a thin, even coat to the aforementioned parts.

Devil is in the Details

You paid extra to have those beautiful windows accentuate the top of your garage door, and you took special care when picking out the handle that added just the right amount of oomph. Now, it’s time to treat them with the respect they deserve. Making sure those windows are sealed will keep precious heat from slipping away and giving those handles a quick scrape will ensure that they’ll be garnering compliments for years to come.

Check the Balance

It’s imperative to have good balance this time of year to keep from slipping and falling. Balance is also a key factor when it comes to the health of your garage door. To make sure your setup is balanced you should watch it a few times. Is one side rising faster than the other? Do you see a hitch when the garage door is moving? Answering yes to either of these questions means that it’s time to get a professional from Overhead Door Company of Dodge City to take a closer look.

Know How to Shut it Down

You know how your phone shuts down after it’s been in the cold for too long? Unfortunately, this same thing can happen to your garage door opener when the mercury takes a dip. In these instances, it’s important to know where your garage door’s power source is so that you can shut it down and open the door manually. Having the cord clearly marked, we here at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City recommend using brightly colored gaffer tape, will make it that much easier.


Again, we know it sounds like a lot of extra work, but it really is worth it to save yourself the headache of having to do any major repairs during the dead of winter. If any serious issues do arise, or you have any other questions about your garage door and how to maintain it, you can reach the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City at the number below.



Think Safety This Holiday Season

close up hanging Christmas lights

As those of us at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City begin to hang the tinsel on the tree and place the ever mischievous Elf on his perch, we want to take a moment and share with our community of friends some helpful reminders of both dos and don’ts for the holiday season.

Don’t be a Clark

As most of us can attest, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a classic.  Not only does it provide a bountiful of laughs, it clearly demonstrates what not to do when it comes to plugging in too many electrical devices and/or overloading outlets.   As Clark Griswold demonstrated, too many cords, extensions or otherwise, can overheat and lead to an unexpected – or worse – undetected fire. 

To prevent the possibility of having your tree, gifts and/or cat scorched (as the Griswold’s so memorably experienced), keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Major appliances such as inflatable decorations should only be plugged directly into an appropriate receptacle outlet. 
  • It is not wise and can be dangerous to use extension cords or multi-outlet converters for large energy conductors.
  • Relying heavily on extension cords is a clear indication that you need additional outlets.  Having a qualified professional address your needs is a lot less stressful and less expensive than realizing your need after a major catastrophe.
  • Make sure that all chosen decorations for outside display are designated for outside use.  Although you may be tempted to use indoor and outdoor lights interchangeably, they are not designed to work in certain conditions.  For example, outside lights are able to withstand winter conditions whereas indoor lights are safety tested to ensure that they are not a fire hazard for your Christmas tree.

Check, Check and Triple Check

As we are in the business of keeping you and yours safe, we would be remiss to not strongly recommend that you to keep a close eye on your electrical cords.  By this, be sure to first check the electrical cords insulation to ensure the wrapping is intact.  If it becomes separated from the wires, you can run the risk of possibly causing a power shortage, starting a fire or creating a shock hazard than can cause serious injuries or worse.

Safety Before Sugar Plums

Your best bet to a merry night’s sleep is to power down all indoor and outdoor decorations before bed and when leaving your home.  Although it is nice to come home to a festive holiday scene when returning home from an evening out, this simple measure can make a significant impact.  Not only does this precaution prevent the possibility of an unnoticed electrical incident, this can also save you a handful of cash when it comes to your power bill.

Above all this season, we at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year!

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