National Garage Door Safety Month

June – National Garage Door Safety Month

June is National Garage Door Safety Month!

This is our opportunity to increase awareness about the largest entry to your home and how to keep it working safely!

National Garage Door Safety Month

This is not a complete list of pointers, but they are some of the issues that come up frequently. Always review the manufacturer’s installation or instruction manual for safety guidelines about your particular door.

  • Do not let children play on or with the garage door — i.e., riding on them or running in and out as they’re closing. Tell your children about the possible dangers.
  • Never put your fingers between door sections.
  • Make sure the garage door opener wall mount is out of reach of children, a good height is five feet off the ground.
  • Do not leave the garage door slightly open!
  • Keep all body parts, fingers, hands, and arms away from tracks, springs, rollers, etc.
  • Check the garage door for possible wear and tear. Carefully check over springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys. Do not try to remove, adjust, or repair these parts or anything attached to them. These parts are under high tension and should only be dealt with by a trained garage door professional.
  • If there is glass on your garage door, look to see if any cracks have formed. It’s better to solve the problem before it happens!
  • If you and/or your family have a vacation in the works this summer, unplug the garage door unit or use the lock security switch on the wall console, (if applicable).

Garage door safety should be remembered in June and throughout the rest of the year as well! In order to keep your garage door safe: know how your garage door works and functions, continue maintenance regularly, and be aware of safety measures!

If your garage needs an inspection or some upgrades, contact Overhead Door Company of Dodge City 620-227-8093 or schedule a service appointment.

Happy National Garage Door Safety Month from everyone here at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City!

Garage Door Replacement: Top Home Improvement Project


The constant to-do of “Home Improvement” is typically overwhelming! Where to start? Which project should be done first? How can I fix up my home in a way that I will see a return on my investment? One of the best projects to change the look and value of the home is to update your garage door. Buying a brand new garage door is not something done on a regular basis; it can be a fairly expensive task. Fortunately, garage doors are worth the investment especially if there is a chance of resale in the future.

First, let’s take a look at the cost of upgrading a garage door. Garage door costs change, depending on many factors: number of garage doors needed, the type of material used, style of the door, necessary installation, etc. The average price can range anywhere from $375 for the lower end materials and self-installation to $3,500 and up for high-end, fully loaded door with installation. The average cost for a mid-range garage door with installation is anywhere from $725 to $1,450. While this is not the cheapest of home repairs, it’s fairly affordable compared to large home renovation projects.

Next, let’s explore the added curb appeal. The outside, public look of a home can be completely transformed by replacing your garage door. Higher curb appeal can can make all the difference if trying to sell your home. If buyers come to look at your home, they’ll be greeted by your garage door when entering the driveway. After all, you only get the chance to make a first impression once!

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the return on investment. Replacing your garage door is has immense benefits, this process can add great value to your home. The exact return will depend on the budget spent on a new door, but on average, you could be looking to add about ten thousand dollars of value to your home. A fairly cost on this improvement is a way to largely increase the value of your home, even on a budget!

Once you have decided to upgrade your garage door, you’ll need a reliable door at an affordable price! That’s where Overhead Door Company of Dodge City comes in! We manufacture and install garage doors just for you! Check out our line up of garage doors and garage door openers and find your perfect fit!

Home Improvement doesn’t have to be a big scary task or a never-ending cycle. Replacing your garage door is a task that can be done and checked off for many years to come! Increase the looks and value of your home with this easy project! Call Overhead Door Company of Dodge City at 620-227-8093 or contact us to get this transformation started!