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Garage Space and Your Door

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A lot people plan for relaxing summers, however, you may have a list of home projects in mind! If you’ve been neglecting the piles of stuff filling up your garage, today is a great day to get organized. Read on for tips to discovering garage space you never knew you had!
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Value Added with New Garage Door



When renovating your home, it is always important to think in terms of value. While new floors, granite countertops, and water features may be great for a homeowner, they do little to increase the value of your home. Humble upgrades to your front door, your windows, and your garage door all provide great returns to the value of your home. Read more

Companies that Started In a Garage



A garage is a great workspace, and for some major corporations, it was a great workplace. These multi-billion dollar businesses were started in garages. Read more

How are Polyurethane Doors Made?

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Choosing a garage door may not seem like a complicated decision, however, there are a few important functions to keep in mind. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your garage door is its insulation. The type of insulation used in the making of your garage door will have a great impact on several things including the cost of heating and cooling your house, the long-term durability of your garage door, and the protection of your garage’s contents from various natural elements. Read more

Garage Door Safety and Innovation

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Over the past decade, garage door companies have put an emphasis on garage door safety and innovation. Your safety is incredibly important to Overhead Door Company of Dodge City. Give us a call at 620-227-8093 and allow us to tell you why our garage doors are built to last.

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Garage Door Trends 2017


Your garage door should complement your house, not diminish it!  It’s similar to the clothes you choose to wear; you want them to fit well, not look out of place.  Replacing your garage door adds value to your home.  If you feel your dated garage door is taking away from your home’s pleasing aesthetic, then 2017 is the year to update your garage door!  

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