Six Tips to Keeping Your Garage in Top Shape

6 Easy Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

The Overhead Door Company of Dodge City is always looking to save you money when we can. The easiest way to do so is by giving you the knowledge to keep your garage door running smoothly with these six tips on preventative maintenance. Read on to find out how to save on garage door repair.

Before Your Start

Before you start working on your garage door, make sure you follow some steps to be safe. If you’re not sure how to safely do garage door preventative maintenance, please call the Overhead Door Company of [insert city], and we’ll get the job done for you. 

Follow these steps for safe garage door maintenance:

  • Unplug the door: Make sure to unplug your door so that it does not start moving while you’re working on it.
  • Use Clamp Locking Pliers: If you are planning to work under the door, attach clamp locking pliers below the rollers to ensure the door won’t move.
  • Don’t touch the torsion spring: These have enough power to seriously injure you if handled improperly. Call a professional instead.

Inspect Your Garage Door Parts

Now is your chance to look over everything. Check your rollers for chips, make sure your tracks are level, and test your sensor using the two-by-four test mentioned in last month’s blog. Now is also a prime opportunity to replace the batteries in both your outdoor keypad and your remote openers.

Checking the basic parts of your garage door goes a long way in keeping everything running smoothly. Garage door checks like the one described above make preventative maintenance an easy task, but if you’re not sure about what the individual parts should be doing, the Overhead Door Company is here to help.

Tighten Loose Ends

The natural motion of your garage door can cause nuts and bolts to become shaky. A simple twist with your wrench should keep them in place until the next check-up. If you notice a particular one becoming repeatedly loose, it could be indicative of a larger issue. If this is the case, jump on a quick call to see what we can do for you.

Grease the Tracks… and Roller… and Springs

Making sure everything on your garage door is properly lubricated is by far the easiest way to prevent wear and tear and add years to the life of its components. Before you grease, make sure to wipe down the areas to remove gunky buildup and debris. Next, be sure to know the difference between lubricants so you can coat your setup properly.

  • Lithium Grease: Thick lubricant applied to the flat surfaces — like the tracks — to prevent friction.
  • Silicone Spray: Applied to the rollers and hinges leads to allow them to run smoothly.
  • WD-40: An alternative to silicon spray that has to be applied with more frequency because it is alcohol-based.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Replacing the weatherstripping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save your garage door from huge repairs. It helps to regulate temperature, keeps out critters, and prevents water from seeping in during showers and snowstorms. No longer will you find yourself with a moldy, rotted, or rusty bottom panel. For an even greater seal, consider adding similar stripping to all four sides.

For Anything Else, Call Us!

We know there are still probably a few items on this list you still might feel uncomfortable performing yourself. That’s where we come in. The Overhead Door Company of Dodge City is here to help with any garage door preventative maintenance to keep you from having to spend big down the road.

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Garage Door Safety Month Infographic

Overhead Company Infographic for Garage Door Safety Month

Think Safety This Holiday Season

close up hanging Christmas lights

As those of us at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City begin to hang the tinsel on the tree and place the ever mischievous Elf on his perch, we want to take a moment and share with our community of friends some helpful reminders of both dos and don’ts for the holiday season.

Don’t be a Clark

As most of us can attest, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a classic.  Not only does it provide a bountiful of laughs, it clearly demonstrates what not to do when it comes to plugging in too many electrical devices and/or overloading outlets.   As Clark Griswold demonstrated, too many cords, extensions or otherwise, can overheat and lead to an unexpected – or worse – undetected fire. 

To prevent the possibility of having your tree, gifts and/or cat scorched (as the Griswold’s so memorably experienced), keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Major appliances such as inflatable decorations should only be plugged directly into an appropriate receptacle outlet. 
  • It is not wise and can be dangerous to use extension cords or multi-outlet converters for large energy conductors.
  • Relying heavily on extension cords is a clear indication that you need additional outlets.  Having a qualified professional address your needs is a lot less stressful and less expensive than realizing your need after a major catastrophe.
  • Make sure that all chosen decorations for outside display are designated for outside use.  Although you may be tempted to use indoor and outdoor lights interchangeably, they are not designed to work in certain conditions.  For example, outside lights are able to withstand winter conditions whereas indoor lights are safety tested to ensure that they are not a fire hazard for your Christmas tree.

Check, Check and Triple Check

As we are in the business of keeping you and yours safe, we would be remiss to not strongly recommend that you to keep a close eye on your electrical cords.  By this, be sure to first check the electrical cords insulation to ensure the wrapping is intact.  If it becomes separated from the wires, you can run the risk of possibly causing a power shortage, starting a fire or creating a shock hazard than can cause serious injuries or worse.

Safety Before Sugar Plums

Your best bet to a merry night’s sleep is to power down all indoor and outdoor decorations before bed and when leaving your home.  Although it is nice to come home to a festive holiday scene when returning home from an evening out, this simple measure can make a significant impact.  Not only does this precaution prevent the possibility of an unnoticed electrical incident, this can also save you a handful of cash when it comes to your power bill.

Above all this season, we at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year!

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safety month

Safety Month

safety monthHave you ever thought about how your garage is probably the largest heaviest moving piece of equipment in your home? June is Garage Door Safety Month, and at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™, we are here to help remind you of some important safety tips.
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