Fall Garage Prep

Man installing a garage door

Feel the air cooling off lately?  Now’s a great time to mark a few things of the “To Do List”. At Overhead Door Company of Dodge CityTM, we want you to be prepared for winter. Ready your home and garage for the change of seasons with proper fall garage prep.


First and foremost, test the alignment and balance of your door. If any gaps are present when testing you should call one of our service technicians. Then, use a low temp grease on the opener’s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant to coat the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.


Next, consider storage in your garage. You will need to find a home for your summer items. For many homeowners, your garage is the primary storage space in your home. Wall-mounted and elevated storage systems are inexpensive and efficient ways to improve your garage space.


Insulating your garage will pay for itself, and if your garage is not already insulated, it can provide you with extra space. In the winter, your garage can function as a workspace, a workout room, or even just living space. Along with insulation, you will want to check your weather stripping as well. If the stripping is cracked or compressed, it is time to remove and replace it.


Finally, check your flooring for cracks and holes this fall. If water gets in and freezes in those cracks, it can cause further damage. Polyurethane resins are an inexpensive and easy way to seal the imperfections in your floor. You can apply garage floor paint over the resin for added protection and style.

When you’re in need of technical assistance or a new door, call us Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™.
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