Garage Door Trends 2017


Your garage door should complement your house, not diminish it!  It’s similar to the clothes you choose to wear; you want them to fit well, not look out of place.  Replacing your garage door adds value to your home.  If you feel your dated garage door is taking away from your home’s pleasing aesthetic, then 2017 is the year to update your garage door!  

Up to date Technology

Are you running your life and virtually every application through your smart phone but still having to press your old garage door opener button numerous times just to get it to open?  Contact us to update your garage door by getting it connected via bluetooth to your smartphone, just like the capabilities of the modern security system and car.  


Winter comes every year to the midwest.  Whether the snow falls or not, the cold never lets up!  Is your house at least ten degrees colder near the door to your garage?  Is your garage a place for work and business?  A well-insulated garage will save you money throughout the year in lower energy costs.  A room sharing the same wall or located above is likely feeling the effects of the temperature from your garage.  Plan and save for the future with insulation.  



There are many different materials to choose from for your garage door.  Each material comes with different costs and advantages.  Fiberglass is the most common and are easy to paint if you want to change the color.  Wood brings a classic and earthy feel.  For a modern look, metal and glass are sure winners.  



The garage is a large part, and quite often, the face of your home.  The color you choose can reflect your personality and what you want to say about your house.  Using the same color as the rest of your house with give it a calm and blended feel.  Choosing a different color will make it, and your home, stand out more.  Choosing a darker color will do this in a subtle way, while a brighter color will grab the attention of neighbors walking or driving by.  Using multiple colors, or an accent color, will make your garage door ‘pop’ even more.  Remember, there isn’t just one color in a rainbow!  What does the exterior of the rest of your home look like?  Is it a single color, or is part of it made of brick or other materials?  Utilize these colors in your garage door and really bring out the beauty of your home.  


Updating your garage door this year any number of ways can bring a very welcome change to your home’s aesthetics.  Smile as you drive up to your house this year.  Like an inviting red painted front door to your home, invite the neighbors to take a pleasant view at your updated home!  

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