Garage Gift Ideas


Do any of your friends or family have a garage that you just want to fix? Garage gifts do not often come to mind when people think of holiday gift giving. The gift of an improved garage is not as expensive as you may think. If you are searching for extra gifts to give these holiday season, consider these garage gift ideas.


Electric Operator

Not many people still have a manually operated garage door. For those who still open and close their garage by hand, it may be time for an upgrade. Operating a garage door by hand is not only more dangerous, but puts more stress on your garage. When you operate your garage door by hand, you may also need to check your balance more often. And a new electric operator may not be as expensive as you think either.


Overhead Door Anywhere®

If you have ever wished that you could monitor your garage door from your phone, you are not alone. That’s why the Overhead Door Company created the Anywhere® app, so that you can! With this application on your phone, you can monitor your door, access its activity, and operate it remotely. This application is perfect for any family. You can open your door for deliveries from the office if you don’t want to give away your garage code. Your children can open and close the door just with their phones. Call the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City to install this system today.


Schedule a Checkup

It is not difficult to tell when someone needs a garage checkup. Whether the door is squeaky, dirty, or just beat up, you can schedule a checkup for a friend with one phone call. We make sure that your garage door system is up to code, and ready to run for years to come. We check your door’s balance, lubricate all of its moving parts properly, and seal any gaps between your door and its frame. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but it will keep your friends and family safe.


If you truly want to give a unique gift this year, give the gift of a new garage door. A new garage door can tie the style of your exterior together. Give us a call at the Overhead Door Company of Dodge City for more garage gift ideas this holiday season.