Commercial Door Basics

Commercial DoorAre you working on plans to build or upgrade storage units in town? Or maybe add that extra warehouse space you’ve needed? At Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™, we are ready to show you the variety of features in our commercial door product line.


Let’s start with the unexpected. Believe it or not, we have commercial doors with looks in mind. We have some aluminum glass doors that work great in the retail environment. Plus, we even have steel doors that can be ordered in different colors. Your storage units can stand out.

The Basics

Speaking of steel doors, we have options that provide extra protection for wind, added insulation, and features for extreme environments. We know the needs vary from business to business, and we are here to help you find just the right commercial garage door to fit those needs. Even if you’re looking for an Overhead DoorTM that opens fast, we have some great options to discuss with you.

Security and Extras

Maybe you’re still looking for a bit more. Fire-rated doors built to close in case of a fire to prevent spreading may be what you need. If your business resides inside a mall, we have doors that work great for closing time. Plus, our automatic door operators make it safer and easier on a daily basis.

Our team at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™ is ready to set you up with an integrated, reliable, and secure system.