New Year

New Year

Are you looking to buy your first home, remodel your current house, or build a new one this year? Maybe you own a business with large access doors, and you are looking to expand in the New Year. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™ is the place to call in Southwest Kansas when it’s time for a new Overhead DoorTM and electric opener.


Garage Door

Several different material and style options are available in our stock for home and business. At home, the garage door can be a focal point when it comes to curb appeal. This can add value, as well, while remaining functional. Stop by for a free estimate, and check out our garage door buying guide. You might be surprised with what you find.



As a homeowner or business owner value, you will want to ensure your value-added investment continues to function properly and safely. Check our website for an article about annual preventative maintenance to get started.


Electric Opener

With any new Overhead DoorTM definitely look into upgrading by adding an electric opener. You’ve probably seen the garage door remote that most people clip on the visor inside their vehicle. Some newer automobiles even have the option of programming the function into a button already integrated into your vehicle.


From our team at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™, give us a call when you’re looking for a new garage door or electric opener for your home or business. We will be sharing articles each month on our website, as well.
Happy New Year!