Value Added with New Garage Door



When renovating your home, it is always important to think in terms of value. While new floors, granite countertops, and water features may be great for a homeowner, they do little to increase the value of your home. Humble upgrades to your front door, your windows, and your garage door all provide great returns to the value of your home. Before spending your money elsewhere, consider the value added with a new garage door.



One of the biggest reasons your garage door provides such a high return on investment (91.5%), is security. You can usually expect high returns on any item that fortifies your home, like a steel-reinforced front door. The same is true with your garage door. A replacement door can cost as little as $200, but if you are willing to purchase a higher quality door, you will get a higher return on investment. Even if you are not looking to sell your home, a new door will act as an added layer of protection for your family.


Curb Appeal

Every homeowner knows that a well-manicured lawn can influence potential buyers. Windows, doors, and your garage are just as large a part of your curb appeal as your lawn and landscape. Buyers and neighbors can make instantaneous decisions about a home based on its exterior. A new door will spruce up your home in a way that people will notice, even if they do not realize why.

OHD Anywhere


It’s quite simple; the basic function of your door is opening and closing, but there are many accessories that can improve the functionality of your door. With the purchase of an electric operator there are reverse mechanisms, battery backup systems, laser parking mechanisms, and smart phone apps. A new garage door and electric operator can offer you so many possibilities.



Your garage door should be viewed not only as a functional part of your home, but as a point of stylistic emphasis. Many homes lack an overarching design theme, often because they are unwilling to buy a new garage door. A new door can tie the entire look of your home together. Now that you know you will get a great return on investment, don’t be afraid to buy a fashionable new door.


A new garage door, or even just new accessories, can improve the value of your home. While it may not be the immediate choice, it is one of the best ways raise the price of your home is by investing in a new garage door. Give us a call at Overhead Door of Dodge City for a quote today.