Weather Ready Door

weather ready
September often means the beginning of fall, whether we are ready for it or not. Cooler temperatures are coming, so let’s talk about your garage door!


Thermacore® insulated steel doors are ideal for increased thermal efficiency. Our doors have a layer of polyurethane insulation between two layers of steel. Between-section seals also reduce air infiltration and temperature changes.  We also have several panel design options available to help you find the look you want. We’d be happy to show you what we have available!


Wind Load

We don’t have to tell you, strong winds and storms can wreak havoc on your home.  Having a reinforced door as the first line of defense against mother nature, could be the one thing that saves your home and precious cargo. We offer a courtyard design, traditional steel, and a Thermacore Wind Load® door.


Weather Seals

Another good line of defense from the elements is a good weather seal around your garage door. It’s a good idea to ensure it is always in good shape.  Your seal can wear out over time, and it will need to be replaced eventually. If you’re finding puddles of water around, or near your garage door, it may be time for a replacement. Look around your door as well, If there are signs  of rust, check the seals. Finally, if you feel any drafts coming through your garage door, check your weatherstripping as well.



Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™ to check out our weather ready doors today!