Winterize Your Garage

Winterize Your Garage

It’s still nice outside, and we often find it’s easier to stay motivated on outdoor house projects when it’s not too cold. The weather outside can turn more chilling sooner than you think. If you don’t want to find bursting pipes or leaking cold air later, follow our guide to winterize your garage.


Ideally you probably want to keep the cold out, while holding the heat indoors. Garages are not necessarily designed for that. In their most basic form, you will find the temperature inside your garage to be closer to the coolness of the outdoors than the warmth of your living space. Simply adding a few layers of insulation on your garage door and walls can help hold a little more warmth. Think of all the things you keep out there and how you pass through every day.


No, we don’t mean it’s time to grab a blanket and curl up just yet. You will want to look at covering a few things inside and out before Old Man Winter comes a knocking. Definitely cover any exposed pipes to prevent freezing and bursting, and while you are at it cover your outlets and switches to prevent cold air infiltrating your space.

Weather Seals

Can you name all the air leak possibilities throughout your garage? You may not notice them so much in the summer, but believe us… you will soon. Look for good weather stripping and weather seals for your garage door. Then, spend a little time caulking around all the doors and windows. Your vehicle will be happy for this too, especially when you ask it to start up early on a brisk morning.

Waterproof Floor

Have you seen highway salt eat away at concrete before? This could be the fate of your garage floor if you don’t give it the proper boost before winter. Just think of all the snow that will drag in on your boots, sleds, and vehicles. You should always start by giving it a good cleaning before looking into garage flooring options with waterproof qualities.

Winter Tools

You may be working on putting away your summer toys while you winterize your garage. This is the best time to drag out your winter tools before it’s too late. The snow blower is often hiding way in the back, and the shovels may have found a good hiding place next to your gloves. Dig them out before the temperatures really drop.

If your door is in need of an upgrade before winter hits, we are here to help! Just give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Dodge City so you can start to winterize your garage the right way.