Garage Door Safety Features

One of our top priorities at The Overhead Door Company® is safety. We want to make sure you and your home are as safe as possible with our garage doors. That’s why we have several different safety features on all of our garage doors.

Newer garage doors often already have safety features installed, but if you’re looking for some additional safety features or just curious about options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some common safety features found on garage doors.

Motion Detectors for Garage Doors and Lights

One of the most garage door safety features is motion detection. All garage doors installed by The Overhead Door Company® have motion sensors on the garage doors themselves. The sensors, often referred to as the garage door safety eyes, are critical to ensure auto-reverse is working properly.

There’s also motion sensor options for lights. Garage door openers, the box that sits on your ceiling and helps lift and lower your garage door, typically comes with a light in it. Usually, the light turns on when the garage door is in use, but there is an option to install motion sensors on this light. This way, anytime you walk into your garage, the light will automatically turn on, saving you the trouble of trying to navigate your way in the dark. 

Motion detectors are great safety features for garage doors. If yours isn’t working or if you would like to discuss having light motion sensors, let us at The Overhead Door Company® know. We’re happy to discuss all motions detection options for your garage door.

Garage Door Auto Reverse

As mentioned above, the motion detectors, or safety eyes, are responsible for triggering auto-reverse. Auto-reverse forces the garage door to stop closing, and automatically reverse back open when the sensors detect something blocking the way. This prevents the door closing on you or any of your belongings.

Auto-reverse is an important garage door safety feature that is seen in every garage door. If your auto-reverse is not working or seems to be malfunctioning, you should fix it as soon as possible. The Overhead Door Company® is happy to come and take a look at the problem and fix it so you can ensure your garage door is at peak safety.

Manual Control of Your Garage Door

Most of the time you just press a button on a remote and your garage door opens and closes itself seamlessly. But what happens when that doesn’t work? Power outages, malfunctioning wall switches, or a dead battery in the garage door remote you keep in your car can all make it difficult to open your garage door.

When that happens, The Overhead Door Company® garage doors have a safety feature that allows you to manually open and close your garage door. You’ll first need to disconnect the door from the garage door opener motor to be able to manually open it. When the door is still connected to the motor, you won’t be able to manually lift your garage door. 

If you need help or aren’t sure exactly why your garage door won’t open or close, give The Overhead Door Company® a call and we’ll help you out.

Let Us Check on Your Garage Door’s Safety Features

The safety of you and your home is important to us, and making sure all the safety features on your garage door are properly working is important to maintaining that safety. If something isn’t working, then contact The Overhead Door Company of Dodge City™ today! You should also call a professional for routine maintenance to check that everything is working properly. So, give us a call or contact us on our website!